Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who What Wear When Why and How

Brad Goreski was recently featured in The New York Times and of course, being a Canadian that favours bow ties on boys and a jaunty approach to colour and print, I was pleased as punch. He, like Rachel Zoe, speaks in a sort of magical, fashion shorthand begging to be turned into a pink patent book of Brad-isms and sold by the cash register.

I only watch a little bit of the Rachel Zoe Show. When I did, Brad was like the ray of bright sunshine to Taylor’s impending rain cloud of doom. Don’t get me wrong, I liked them both and they played off each other well. I liked the eye-rolling, the shoulder shrugging and the scowling that Taylor did in response to Brad’s breathing and the moments where he won her affection and she would reward him one tight smile before she remembered her role on the show.

I liked how she wore all that black, how she detested socializing but not working and her straight faced un-amusement. Straight out of central casting came Brad to counteract all that LA gloom and doom. Brad with his plaids, prints and eager promises. I also liked that adorable, eager face that Brad had on for much of the first season, no doubt a testament to his great work ethic and his desire to please. And he wore glasses and short shorts and smiled a lot at celebrities in a way that suggests, 'Yes I am excited about your celebrity, I can try and hold it in but I don’t think that I can wipe this eager beaver smile of my face. It's just my face.' And how cute it is!

How endearing is that?

And so, for all the boys wearing prep school blazers and bow ties, showing their smiles and their socks as a result of dear Mr. Goreski? Hurrah and thank you!


  1. You are truly adorable!!
    Great post love.
    You should be on television, seriously!




  2. great post, I love Brad too!!



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