Monday, September 27, 2010

The Divine Miss Mulligan

and also, School Supply Mondays.

I've decided to acknowledge, in a semi-public forum known only to you, dear one reader and my mom (incidentally, too busy to read the likes of me) that Mondays can be rather. . .discouraging.

When dealt a hand as we have been in Toronto, with the trifecta of Monday + Rainy Day + Impending Winter Doom (fine, I am a pessimist when it refers to Toronto weather - I will do a sweater and yummy woolen socks post soon to make up for it when I feel more generous!) we need to think of Things That Can Make A Day Brighter. And that is, of course, Carey Mulligan.

I need not tell you about her poise or grace; that charming smile, button nose and perfectly tousled hair. You have eyes and no doubt you have seen for yourself. Perhaps you have watched, screenshot and loved An Education and marvelled at the million ways that her face revealed all the pangs of first heartbreak and the anticipation for a life not yet lived, as conveyed by her gasps of delight and her indignant, accented shouts and those lovely, lovely water/wonder-filled eyes.

I only want to mention this month's* fantastic Vogue spread shot by Peter Lindbergh with that hat and those frothy layers of couture delicious-ness. There are people better at describing clothes than I. But make no mistake, those photos and that smile can brighten a Monday like no other.

I want to only mention because Vogue owes her big and delivered it, front cover style. Remember those photos they did where they washed her out, bottled her charm, turned it into hair gel and doused her head in it? This spread makes up for it, almost.
And she has a movie or two out.

Oh, I digress. Onto the school supplies!

Hand carved. Finished with natural beeswax in someone's garage. Pyschologists say its best to write your angry letters in crayon. OK, They didn't. I did. Only $12. Buy it here.

An Alphabet Notebook. But of course. Feelings tied with a suede bow. Only $9. Best for writing your secrets and listing the ages of your older, worldy lovers.

*I know I'm about a beat behind on things in the world of the internet and it is quite in fashion to be the first ever. . . but I have decided that since, for me, the beauty of the 'net is in the Right Now, I will deal always in immediacy. I'll be the bookmarker of the 'on newsstands now' and the 'buy it today'! (and more likely, the 'Oh, I just noticed.') Let other, more organized, insider minds look ahead. I'll just look two clicks in front of me ;)

Happy Monday, friends!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Club

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

I'm in a Book Club. Of course I am. One, I am a huge nerd. Two, I love the company of others. Three, it's almost winter and without incentive, I may never leave my apartment. Four, I read a few books a month and am realizing that the sharp focus of a book club - a deadline, being accountable to others to bake/cook/contribute, having a reason to pause between the pages much like it once was for school, is a lovely way to enjoy the story. Five, wine and smart ladies.

We are reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I can't even begin to tell you what it is about, but it is hopeful, beautifully imagined, disheartening, layered, complicated and incredibly moving. It will make you sad and rightfully so, it will leave you gutted and rightfully so, it will leave you frustrated and rightfully so, and it will leave you believing in the small and big ways that we show our humanity and generosity to others, even if we do not think we have much to give. The voice of Little Bee is so original and the story is so good, I was sad to finish the book and say goodbye.

Trust me, you've got to get this book. It's even got a lovely autumnal colour on its cover, tres chic for Fall. Great against all those camels, inky blues and smoky greys. I kid.

Trust me and if not me, then trust them. And them. And them.

By the way Toronto, Word on the Street is this weekend on Sunday, September 26 from 11 - 6 @ Queen's Park. You should go! We should go! We should all read more! We should buy more books! Or download them onto our devices! AND. . .do you know who is going to be there and going to BE AWESOME? Neil Pasricha, who bravely shines his spotlight on awesome things in a world that sometimes feels very dull and discouraging. Mucho internet backslaps of appreciation!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who What Wear When Why and How

Brad Goreski was recently featured in The New York Times and of course, being a Canadian that favours bow ties on boys and a jaunty approach to colour and print, I was pleased as punch. He, like Rachel Zoe, speaks in a sort of magical, fashion shorthand begging to be turned into a pink patent book of Brad-isms and sold by the cash register.

I only watch a little bit of the Rachel Zoe Show. When I did, Brad was like the ray of bright sunshine to Taylor’s impending rain cloud of doom. Don’t get me wrong, I liked them both and they played off each other well. I liked the eye-rolling, the shoulder shrugging and the scowling that Taylor did in response to Brad’s breathing and the moments where he won her affection and she would reward him one tight smile before she remembered her role on the show.

I liked how she wore all that black, how she detested socializing but not working and her straight faced un-amusement. Straight out of central casting came Brad to counteract all that LA gloom and doom. Brad with his plaids, prints and eager promises. I also liked that adorable, eager face that Brad had on for much of the first season, no doubt a testament to his great work ethic and his desire to please. And he wore glasses and short shorts and smiled a lot at celebrities in a way that suggests, 'Yes I am excited about your celebrity, I can try and hold it in but I don’t think that I can wipe this eager beaver smile of my face. It's just my face.' And how cute it is!

How endearing is that?

And so, for all the boys wearing prep school blazers and bow ties, showing their smiles and their socks as a result of dear Mr. Goreski? Hurrah and thank you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

I like my city heels to be high, platformed and preferably with lots of tread. I want to bike in them or rush to the movies in them or kick assailants in them. I want to trick you into thinking I am normal height. I know its terribly un-chic to admit it, but I want to be, above all things, comfortable.

I know one of the things for Fall is to look ladylike and pretty so the other thing must be to don a cape and run around in sturdy, strapped heels that imply ass-kicking and a love of the great outdoors, even if you are only referring to the walk between the coffee shop, the bar and home again.

Imagine my excitement to find these at the Topshop mini-store in Jonathan + Olivia. Jonathan + Olivia has lots of other lovely brands that tug at your heartstrings while you clutch your empty wallet (like APC, Acne and Alexander Wang - just to name the A's!) but for now, I will have to use my pennies for Topshop and my dollars for rent.

Show Your Mug

You know Mondays are hard. Foot-dragging, slow-moving, heartaching. What could make them a tiny bit, well, brighter is a cute mug. For your coffee or your whiskey, depending on the kind of Monday mood you're in.

Because a mug that shows the crowded commuter train isn't half as cute. Only $12 here.

Cat lady of the office? Hold your head up high. Only $10 at Magic Pony in Toronto.

It's nice to have someone on your side at the office. So cute and I love the beautiful cracks in the glaze. An upcycled thrift store find with a great name: Major Teacup Mr Hero. Only $10 . . .but there's only one!

Happy Monday, friends!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Put a Ring on It

Tied Up in Knots
I love this pretty bow ring! It's from Anthropologie, retails for $68 and available online.

What's better than a gold ring? Nine gold rings! I love mixing metals and you get silver, rose gold and yellow gold. Thin, delicate rings worn on thin, delicate fingers is the ultimate in relaxed, pretty chic. How lovely to wear these together or mixed (and unmatched) with your favourite rings? And the designer, Kate Szabone, is based out of Canada! Check out the rest of the shop here.

The Girl with the Pearl Ring
I love the thin simple band, freshwater pearl and the carved line details from artisanlook. And it's only $15!

I like the look of these 'everyday' rings, rather than waiting for the 'hold-your-breath-&-open-the-black-velvet-box' ring. These you can buy yourself! No need to hold your breath!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

TIFF Star Spotting


The Toronto International Film Festival is on! I live about two seconds away from the new Bell Lightbox and it's a madhouse outside my door. . . I've heard. I haven't actually taken part in any of the frenzy, but I have been seeing people in lanyards, texting madly into their blackberries about thenextbigthing (or, more likely, where to eat dinner). I've seen this when strolling to my local video store or meeting a friend for brunch or grabbing a late coffee with the bf, or rushing off to work, usually in the opposite direction to the direct action.

And what about all those people that are just, you know, hanging about? Those people are hoping for a glimpse of someone (I hear Martin Sheen is around and I LOVE THE WEST WING so I wouldn't mind being behind him in line for a coffee or something. And James Franco. Psst- and it's not because of General Hospital!)

Here is what I would wear if I was running around looking for celebrities for my scrapbook or hoping to get discovered or taking pictures for profit! Wedges are easy but heels are cooler (all the better to stare you in the eye, celebrity!) You definitely need a backpack for the schedules and sharpies and I think the sheer, romantic blouse is a nice touch, for that heart on the sleeve sort of look.

You could also wear this to watch a movie.

Alexa Chung for Madewell

Alexa Chung for Madewell is available now. How cute is everything? Pretty darn cute.

Who doesn't want to be the girl that looks perfectly thrown together, even if the look is a series of smart calculations?

The math is simple: Great sense of style + slouchy blazer + tucked in striped shirt + beaten leather boots + short hemline = easy, breezy, beautiful (ex)MTV girl.

The whole collection is perfectly wearable and captures that girly, pretty, messy, thrifted chic she does in her own life so well. It's everything you want to wear, always. Pretty blouses in printed silk. Slouchy tweed double-breasted blazers. Classic striped shirts to pair with everything. Peter Pan collar dresses. Velvet shorts.

Thrift it or die trying. Or for the impatient, buy it here.

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