Monday, September 27, 2010

The Divine Miss Mulligan

and also, School Supply Mondays.

I've decided to acknowledge, in a semi-public forum known only to you, dear one reader and my mom (incidentally, too busy to read the likes of me) that Mondays can be rather. . .discouraging.

When dealt a hand as we have been in Toronto, with the trifecta of Monday + Rainy Day + Impending Winter Doom (fine, I am a pessimist when it refers to Toronto weather - I will do a sweater and yummy woolen socks post soon to make up for it when I feel more generous!) we need to think of Things That Can Make A Day Brighter. And that is, of course, Carey Mulligan.

I need not tell you about her poise or grace; that charming smile, button nose and perfectly tousled hair. You have eyes and no doubt you have seen for yourself. Perhaps you have watched, screenshot and loved An Education and marvelled at the million ways that her face revealed all the pangs of first heartbreak and the anticipation for a life not yet lived, as conveyed by her gasps of delight and her indignant, accented shouts and those lovely, lovely water/wonder-filled eyes.

I only want to mention this month's* fantastic Vogue spread shot by Peter Lindbergh with that hat and those frothy layers of couture delicious-ness. There are people better at describing clothes than I. But make no mistake, those photos and that smile can brighten a Monday like no other.

I want to only mention because Vogue owes her big and delivered it, front cover style. Remember those photos they did where they washed her out, bottled her charm, turned it into hair gel and doused her head in it? This spread makes up for it, almost.
And she has a movie or two out.

Oh, I digress. Onto the school supplies!

Hand carved. Finished with natural beeswax in someone's garage. Pyschologists say its best to write your angry letters in crayon. OK, They didn't. I did. Only $12. Buy it here.

An Alphabet Notebook. But of course. Feelings tied with a suede bow. Only $9. Best for writing your secrets and listing the ages of your older, worldy lovers.

*I know I'm about a beat behind on things in the world of the internet and it is quite in fashion to be the first ever. . . but I have decided that since, for me, the beauty of the 'net is in the Right Now, I will deal always in immediacy. I'll be the bookmarker of the 'on newsstands now' and the 'buy it today'! (and more likely, the 'Oh, I just noticed.') Let other, more organized, insider minds look ahead. I'll just look two clicks in front of me ;)

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. i love your pictures, there so cute and unique. :)
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    im giving away free Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

  2. I didn't really liked her editorial...


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