Monday, September 20, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

I like my city heels to be high, platformed and preferably with lots of tread. I want to bike in them or rush to the movies in them or kick assailants in them. I want to trick you into thinking I am normal height. I know its terribly un-chic to admit it, but I want to be, above all things, comfortable.

I know one of the things for Fall is to look ladylike and pretty so the other thing must be to don a cape and run around in sturdy, strapped heels that imply ass-kicking and a love of the great outdoors, even if you are only referring to the walk between the coffee shop, the bar and home again.

Imagine my excitement to find these at the Topshop mini-store in Jonathan + Olivia. Jonathan + Olivia has lots of other lovely brands that tug at your heartstrings while you clutch your empty wallet (like APC, Acne and Alexander Wang - just to name the A's!) but for now, I will have to use my pennies for Topshop and my dollars for rent.

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