Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Club

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

I'm in a Book Club. Of course I am. One, I am a huge nerd. Two, I love the company of others. Three, it's almost winter and without incentive, I may never leave my apartment. Four, I read a few books a month and am realizing that the sharp focus of a book club - a deadline, being accountable to others to bake/cook/contribute, having a reason to pause between the pages much like it once was for school, is a lovely way to enjoy the story. Five, wine and smart ladies.

We are reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I can't even begin to tell you what it is about, but it is hopeful, beautifully imagined, disheartening, layered, complicated and incredibly moving. It will make you sad and rightfully so, it will leave you gutted and rightfully so, it will leave you frustrated and rightfully so, and it will leave you believing in the small and big ways that we show our humanity and generosity to others, even if we do not think we have much to give. The voice of Little Bee is so original and the story is so good, I was sad to finish the book and say goodbye.

Trust me, you've got to get this book. It's even got a lovely autumnal colour on its cover, tres chic for Fall. Great against all those camels, inky blues and smoky greys. I kid.

Trust me and if not me, then trust them. And them. And them.

By the way Toronto, Word on the Street is this weekend on Sunday, September 26 from 11 - 6 @ Queen's Park. You should go! We should go! We should all read more! We should buy more books! Or download them onto our devices! AND. . .do you know who is going to be there and going to BE AWESOME? Neil Pasricha, who bravely shines his spotlight on awesome things in a world that sometimes feels very dull and discouraging. Mucho internet backslaps of appreciation!


  1. 1) I just found your blog
    2) Now I want to read Little Bee
    3) I love your writing, it's refreshing to find a nicely written, grammatically correct blog!


    Lucy x

  2. I want to read this book!
    Great post!




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