Monday, September 13, 2010

Put a Ring on It

Tied Up in Knots
I love this pretty bow ring! It's from Anthropologie, retails for $68 and available online.

What's better than a gold ring? Nine gold rings! I love mixing metals and you get silver, rose gold and yellow gold. Thin, delicate rings worn on thin, delicate fingers is the ultimate in relaxed, pretty chic. How lovely to wear these together or mixed (and unmatched) with your favourite rings? And the designer, Kate Szabone, is based out of Canada! Check out the rest of the shop here.

The Girl with the Pearl Ring
I love the thin simple band, freshwater pearl and the carved line details from artisanlook. And it's only $15!

I like the look of these 'everyday' rings, rather than waiting for the 'hold-your-breath-&-open-the-black-velvet-box' ring. These you can buy yourself! No need to hold your breath!


  1. I am going to buy this pearl ring! I love it!
    xoxo -ABBY-

  2. I love that Anthropologie ring! In fact I love the whole store, last time I went in there the credit card got a good trashing!



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